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We Help Victims of Slip and Fall Accidents on Sidewalks

Sustained a serious injury from a slip and fall on the sidewalk? Tripped and fell because of a hole, loose paving, or uneven patch on the sidewalk?

You can sue for damages for your injuries. You see, the owner of the sidewalk, be it a landlord or sometimes the government, in this case, the municipal or county authorities, is responsible for maintaining and repairing sidewalks. So, if this responsibility is neglected and someone is injured as a result, then the responsible party can be held liable under the law.

Unfortunately, sidewalk accident victims don’t always get the compensation they deserve because they are unaware of their rights in the first place and don’t know how to go about filing a claim.

At Silverstein & Kahn P.C., we are here to fight for your rights after your traumatic sidewalk accident. We know financial compensation won’t take away your injuries or suffering, but it can make the recovery journey a lot easier, both mentally and economically.

Simply reach out to us for an assessment of your personal injury and advice on the next steps to take- no upfront fees!

What Can Cause a Sidewalk Accident?

Like many other personal injury cases, not every slip and fall accident is eligible for compensation. As your lawyers, we must be able to prove, without a shadow of a doubt, that the liable party’s neglect of their sidewalk was the direct cause of your accident and, consequently, injuries.

So, it is always best to talk to an experienced sidewalk accident lawyer to understand your options. That said, here are some common causes of sidewalk accidents we have encountered here in Huntington, New York:

  • Abandoned temporary structures blocking the sidewalk
  • Improperly maintained sidewalk structures
  • Aged and dilapidated sidewalk bars and other structures
  • Uncleared snow or ice
  • Missing or unsecured pieces of the sidewalk
  • Largely cracked, loose, or broken sidewalk
  • Tilting or seesawing sidewalk
  • Sinking sidewalk slabs
  • Uneven elevation exceeding half an inch
  • Improperly done patchwork or repairs
  • Unsecured pieces of sidewalk
  • A steeply sloping sidewalk
  • A pothole on the sidewalk
  • Uncleared accumulated dirt, debris, or construction material
  • Sidewalks with protruding tree roots

Now, these causes are just the most common we’ve seen during our years of service and in no way give the entire picture. But also, not all issues can be classified as sidewalk defects. The only way to know whether your sidewalk accident case qualifies is to talk to an experienced lawyer.

Serious Injuries That You Can Sustain from a Slip/ Trip and Fall Accident on the Sidewalk

Even with the government’s efforts to maintain pedestrian safety, sidewalk accidents are still pretty common in New York. And a good number of them result in serious injuries. The statistics are much worse among the older population, who are much more vulnerable to life-changing fall accident injuries.

That said, some of the most common serious injuries due to sidewalk defects include:

  • Bone fractures
  • Sprains and strains
  • Concussions and other traumatic head injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Knee and ankle fractures
  • Wrist, elbow, and shoulder injuries
  • Severe cuts and bruises

If you have experienced a serious injury as a result of a fall on a neglected sidewalk, we can help. The earlier you take action, the higher your chances of getting compensated, and a fair amount at that.

If You Have Been Injured Because of a Defect on the Sidewalk;

  • Call for medical help right away- remember injuries may be more serious than you think, so avoid moving too much and wait for medical personnel to arrive.
  • Get the contact information of anyone on the scene with you- they may prove to be valuable witnesses later on in your case.
  • Take a couple of photos of the area- the faster you do it, the better, as the defect may be resolved before you even know it.
  • Report your accident to the property owner- you want them to know that their neglect led to your injuries.
  • Talk to our lawyer: finally, bring in a qualified attorney to help you navigate the process of getting you the financial compensation you truly deserve.

Here’s What a Sidewalk Accident Attorney Can Do for You

If you or someone close to you has been seriously injured in a sidewalk accident, the best thing you can do is contact a sidewalk accident lawyer immediately. Of course, only after seeking medical treatment.

Why? A sidewalk accident lawyer will:

Advice You on Your Chances of Winning a Settlement

Deciding not to pursue your case has one guaranteed outcome. But when you talk to a personal injury lawyer, you can explore other options available to you. And that is, of course, whether you can pursue economic or non-economic damages for your injuries. Our attorney will examine your case and give you an expert opinion on your chances.

Help You Gather Evidence & File Compensation

If you have grounds for a sidewalk accident lawsuit, your lawyer will proceed to help you build a formidable case. This process includes everything from looking at your current evidence to gathering new proof and collecting witness statements. More importantly, they will file the lawsuit correctly for you.

Represent You Against the Liable Party

Unfortunately, the liable party in your sidewalk accident case will most likely do everything in their power not to pay up. And that includes hiring a lawyer to search for any reason to dismiss your claim. That is why you need a lawyer, too; to represent you through the negotiation process and even court so that you get what you deserve.

Fasten the Compensation Process

If you go in alone, the compensation-seeking process can take forever. That’s because you have to heal first so you can do all the follow-up. Not forgetting, you probably don’t have experience with the process and will do a lot of guesswork. On the other hand, a lawyer has the necessary experience, having handled sidewalk accidents before, and can pursue your case as you focus on healing.

Negotiate Maximum Compensation

Knowing how much you should claim is an important aspect of your case. But how do you calculate it? Your lawyer is best placed to estimate your costs as well as put a figure on your pain and suffering. More importantly, they will help you claim something the liable party can pay. The goal is to claim the maximum compensation you deserve within a range the negligent property owner can afford.

At Silverstein & Kahn P.C., we have lawyers who can do these and much more for you, allowing you to heal and regain your health.

What Damages Can You Claim for Your Personal Injury After a Sidewalk Accident?

A sidewalk trip and fall accident can affect your life in multiple ways. So, when it comes to settlement for sidewalk fall accidents, there are various damages you can claim. These include:

  • Medical expenses: with receipts, these are easy for us to calculate. We usually include past, present, and expected future medical expenses until recovery.
  • Lost income: if your personal injury causes you to stop working or work less than you did, you can include lost wages in your lawsuit. If you have permanent injuries that prevent you from working, we calculate your earning capacity for the remaining work years if you were not injured and claim that.
  • Other accident-related expenses: these include transportation for medical treatment, possessions damaged during the accident, childcare costs when you were undergoing your treatment, etc.
  • Pain and suffering: serious injuries, without a doubt, come pain and suffering. And depending on the extent, this can last for days, weeks, months, or even years. While nothing can take the suffering you have undergone away, you can seek compensation for it.
  • Mental distress: you can also include the mental anguish the accident has caused you among your non-economic damages.

Who is Liable to Pay Your Settlement?

Now that you know what damages you want to claim, the next step is determining who is liable. So, who is responsible for dealing with sidewalk defects? Depending on the specific location, the negligent party may be:

  • The property owner: this could mean the business owner, commercial building owner, or family property owner.
  • Institution: a church, mosque, synagogue, temple, school, hospital, etc.
  • Government agency: the town or city in many cases.

In most cases, the blame lies with the property owner, or landlord if you like, for not addressing the dangerous sidewalk conditions. But if the town/city owns the property, liability lies with the town/city government. If your claim is against the government, time is of the essence. And once the deadline for filing elapses, there’s nothing you can do. So, get in touch with our sidewalk accident lawyers for assistance today!

Why Silverstein & Kahn P.C.?

Like many other personal injury cases, trip and fall accidents can be tricky to prove and win. So, if you want the best shot at winning fair compensation, you should work with a good law firm right from the start.

So, what makes Silverstein & Kahn P.C. that firm?

70+ Years of Combined Personal Injury Law Experience

If we’re talking about experience, Silverstein & Kahn P.C. has an automatic edge against all competitors. That’s right; we have more than 70 years of combined experience. So, you can trust that every lawyer on our team is more than experienced in handling your case. And they have the competency required to give your case the best shot at success.

Over $50 Million in Personal Injury Claims Won

We are not new to proving property owner liability in sidewalk falls. We have worked on personal injury cases like yours since we opened our office back in 1988. And over the years, we have won combined damages amounting to more than $50 million. So, if your sidewalk accident occurred because of dangerous conditions, we can help.

High Integrity & Ethical Standards

Once we take up your case, be sure that we will give it everything we have to secure a favorable outcome. As your lawyers, we have your best interests at heart and will do our best to make the party responsible pay for the medical bills and suffering you have experienced. The highest ethical standards are guaranteed.

Local, Family Operated Firm

Silverstein & Kahn P.C. is a local firm with family-oriented roots. So, we understand how the Huntington judicial system works, as well as personal injury laws in New York. With this knowledge, we will know how best to approach your case to achieve the best results. On top of that, we are family owned and operated, and therefore, quite passionate about helping families in the local community get high-quality legal representation.

Personal, Compassionate & Accessible Client Support

We understand how difficult this time is for you and will give you as much support as you need. That includes providing updates remotely instead of you coming to our office for communication. Our lawyers and staff are compassionate, patient, and understanding and will do everything possible to make your experience with us pleasant.

Have a Serious Personal Injury After a Sidewalk Accident? Let’s Help You Recover Money for Expenses & Suffering

Fall accidents on sidewalks are quite prevalent in New York. In many cases, these trip-and-fall accidents lead to serious injuries that may require extended medical care. And they mostly happen as a result of sidewalk defects. Unfortunately, property owners are rarely held accountable for the defective condition and poor maintenance of their sidewalks.

At Silverstein & Kahn P.C., we are the voice of justice for slip and fall accident victims in Huntington, NY. When you come to us, our sidewalk accident lawyer does everything from collecting evidence regarding your case to building your claim and even fighting it in court. We are qualified, experienced, and professional. More importantly, our brand is solid, with hundreds of happy clients and counting.

So, ready to get the financial recovery you feel you deserve? Book a consultation with us by calling (631) 424-6850 today!




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