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In Memoriam

Attorney Ira Kahn

Founding partner Ira Kahn was born and raised in Deer Park, Suffolk County, Long Island. Ira attended Law school with Larry as the first graduating class of Touro Law School, graduating in 1985. He found his passion representing injured plaintiffs when he founded the firm of Silverstein & Kahn with Larry Silverstein in 1988.


To be beloved. It has been defined as greatly loved and very dear. But Ira transcended that mere definition. Yes, he was greatly loved by one and all. But it was more than that. Everywhere he went, every person he had contact with, he left his mark on. Now those are merely words, and many who have departed have left their mark. But I believe few have left their mark quite like Ira did. Ira left his mark on every single person he met. Why was that? Because he deeply cared about people. While most people would limit a conversation to meaningless small talk with strangers, Ira always wanted to get to know you. He would always ask, “How are you doing” and he meant it. He loved getting to know people. He loved to dig deeper. And people appreciated that. On a professional level, from attorneys, down to the office clerks, he would get to know them. He could tell you if the office clerk was married, where they liked to travel, and how many dogs they had. It was amazing how many people were touched by his death. Since his passing, there was an outpouring of love for him, which was humbling. I sat in the office for the past year hearing one soliloquy after another praising what Ira meant to people. One and all would say “he was a great guy,” “he was always smiling,” “he was such a happy person,” “he was so interesting to talk to,” “he had a great sense of humor.” All true. He was an incredible lawyer. His advice was golden. His wisdom unsurpassed. He genuinely cared about your problem. It was not just a job. It was personal.

There was always a connection with Ira. He connected with people on so many levels. He was wise, always knowledgeable. He knew something on a wide array of topics, and it seemed every subject interested him. He was a great listener. He had a good heart. He was always well meaning. He was always right about things. He never complained–about anything. He was always positive about life.

Ira left behind a major legacy. He put his stamp on things. I am sure all of us, time and time again, in casual conversation with family have said, “That reminds me of Ira,” or “Ira would have liked that,” or “Ira used to say…” We all learned something from Ira.

He loved to spend time relaxing on the beach. That was his happy place. He loved to swim in the ocean. He loved to listen to music, and his tastes were quite eclectic from hip hop to country to jazz, he enjoyed it all. He did not need belongings to make him happy. What gave him great joy was interpersonal relationships, being around his family, watching his children grow, and of course his law practice, and his clients.

Every man’s life ends in the same way. It is, however, the details that set us all apart. Ira aced the details, and for that he continues to live with us. He continues to affect us. And he continues to be loved by all of us for now, and for all eternity. Spending almost every waking hour with Ira for the past 39 years was my personal blessing, and for that I am forever grateful for his time on this earth. (Written by his best friend and Partner Larry Silverstein)

Areas of Practice


  • Touro College School of Law, Huntington, New York, 1985
  • Juris Doctor
  • Long Island University, Greenvale, York, 1981 B.A.
  • Honors: Magna Cum Laude

Bar Admissions

New York, 1985

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