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Get Help From an Auto Accident Attorney, Brentwood, NY

Get Help From an Auto Accident Attorney, Brentwood, NY

Brentwood, NY, is located just east of New York City, the largest metropolitan area in the United States and the fourth largest in the world. Many Brentwood residents travel into the city regularly for work, shopping, or leisure. Unfortunately, this travel can result in auto accidents leading to injuries, medical bills, and legal issues.

Even if you have a wreck in NYC, Suffolk County, Nassau County, or surrounding areas you can hire a Brentwood car accident attorney. Silverstein & Kahn is a highly respected personal injury law firm that regularly assists auto accident victims.

How Can Brentwood Car Accident Lawyers Help You?

How Can Brentwood Car Accident Lawyers Help You

People injured in car accidents face many challenges in the following days and weeks. Although not all injuries are serious, others can cause extreme pain and require one or more surgeries, long-term medical treatments, and extended convalescence time.

Besides the medical aspects of your injuries, you’ll experience other difficulties:

  • You’ll need to file paperwork with the state and your insurance carrier, and you’ll have to meet deadlines.
  • You’ll likely miss time from work, meaning that you won’t get paid.
  • You’ll probably have to arrange for car repairs or buy a new vehicle.
  • You might have to find someone to care for your children while you’re in the hospital or if you’re incapacitated after you go home.
  • You may be incapable of doing household chores, shopping, and other daily tasks.
  • You can suffer emotionally and mentally and even develop PTSD.
  • You could find yourself distanced from your spouse, family, and friends.

Even if the accident was partially your fault, you deserve compensation for all of the pain and inconvenience it caused. That’s where an experienced personal injury lawyer in Brentwood can help.

More than one driver often contributes to causing an accident, and each driver should have a car insurance policy by law. Those insurance companies have teams of investigators and attorneys who will point the blame for your collision toward other drivers because they don’t want to pay for any damages.

Unfortunately, insurance company representatives often try to take advantage of injured accident victims. They might record verbal conversations, trying to trick you into saying things that can harm your claim for compensation. They routinely offer low settlement amounts, hoping that you won’t realize that you deserve and might be entitled to more.

With an attorney from Silverstein & Kahn law offices on your side, you don’t have to worry. We will handle all communications with insurance carriers, and we won’t let them get away with lowball compensation offers.

When you hire an attorney from Silverstein & Kahn law firm as your Brentwood auto accident lawyer, you have the weight of our entire firm behind you. We value the attorney-client relationship and will do everything we can to make this stressful time easier for you from day one.

In addition to being your point of contact with insurance company representatives, we can also help you in several other ways in personal injury cases.

We can:

  • Complete and file paperwork for you
  • Investigate your accident using all of our extensive resources
  • Find and gather evidence to support your claim
  • Attempt to prove that you don’t hold much blame for causing your wreck
  • Advise you about all aspects of your claim, including telling you about things you shouldn’t do
  • Keep you informed of all developments
  • Negotiate a favorable compensation amount on your behalf, or represent you in court if the insurance companies involved refuse to pay what they should

Are Car Accident Cases Complex?

Are Car Accident Cases Complex

New York laws that govern car accident claims are extremely complicated. Most people don’t understand the no-fault, pure comparative negligence, or joint and several liability laws in New York. Each law is sometimes confusing alone, but it can seem almost incomprehensible when combined.

When you hire an experienced lawyer in Brentwood, you can rest assured that you don’t have to understand these laws because we do. Trying to navigate a claim on your own can be a stressful, costly, and avoidable mistake.


New York’s no-fault status means that every driver needs a personal injury protection insurance policy with a minimum of $50,000 coverage. If you sustain injuries in an accident, this policy takes over as primary for your medical bills and pays you a portion of your lost wages along with other specific expenses. However, this amount might not be enough to cover all of your costs.

Pure Comparative Negligence

Pure comparative negligence laws dictate that each driver involved in an accident is assigned a percentage of liability for causing the accident. Many times, more than one driver is responsible to some degree.

The total amount of damages available is apportioned to drivers according to their degree of responsibility. Your Brentwood auto accident lawyer will attempt to minimize your assigned fault while maximizing that of other drivers to provide you with a higher amount of compensation. If your fault percentage is 30% and total damages are $100,000, the most you can obtain is $70,000.

Joint and Several Liability

This controversial law states that every driver involved in a car crash is liable for the total damages and that any person in an accident can attempt to claim damages from all of the other parties involved or one specific person. That means that if five drivers contributed to causing a collision, each of them could seek damages from everyone else.

Although this situation is incredibly complex, the attorneys at Silverstein & Kahn are intimately familiar with these laws and know how to obtain maximum compensation for their clients.

What Should You Not Do After an Accident?

What Should You Not Do After an Accident

Just as your attorney will diligently search for evidence in your case, insurance company investigators for every policyholder involved in your collision will do the same. You can damage your bid for compensation unknowingly if you do certain things.

Admitting to Fault

Your degree of fault determines how much compensation you can receive in your car accident claim. The more fault you bear, the lower your compensation amount. It’s crucial that you don’t admit any degree of fault to anyone.

Talking About Your Case

If you innocently say, “I was texting,” or, “it might have been my fault,” to a coworker who contacts you to see how you’re doing, the chances are that your statement will make it back to investigators. That statement can serve as evidence against your claim and significantly reduce any payments to you.

Direct communication isn’t the only way you can “discuss” your accident or your claim. Many Americans routinely post daily on social media outlets. Investigators can scrutinize any text, photos, or videos you post and attempt to use them against you.

Refusing Medical Treatment

Continuing with your medical treatment plan has two critical benefits. The first is for your health. Your body likely experienced severe trauma due to your injuries, and it takes time to recover. If you stop your treatments before medical professionals release you from their care, you can prolong your recovery time or even cause more harm.

When doctors prescribe antibiotics, they advise you to take all doses even if you begin to feel better while you still have medication left. Your body can make you think that you’re well when it’s still repairing the damage. Similarly, you need to complete all recommended medical treatments after your accident.

Mental health and rehabilitation therapies are important as well. Many people suffer from depression or anxiety after an accident. Treatment for these conditions is as necessary as those that affect you physically, and it’s vital that you continue.

You’ll often need to regain the full use of your limbs after an accident. Physical therapy or other kinds of rehabilitation regimens can help you recover more fully. Again, completing this type of therapy is crucial.

The severity of your injuries and their long-term effects on your health and life directly impact the amount of compensation you can receive in car accident claims. One of the worst things you could do is to stop accepting recommended medical treatments.

Voluntarily refusing further medical care implies that your injuries aren’t severe and don’t affect you anymore. Regardless of your reasons for wanting to stop accepting medical attention, it’s guaranteed that insurance company investigators will find out. This can dramatically reduce the damages you receive.

Why Should You Choose the Law Office of Silverstein & Kahn?

Why Should You Choose the Law Office of Silverstein and Kahn

If you are looking for New York personal injury lawyers, no firm can serve you better than Silverstein & Kahn. We have recovered millions of dollars for our clients since 1988. Our experience with motor vehicle accidents and other personal injury law areas like workers’ compensation and wrongful death gives us proven knowledge to handle your car accident claim successfully.

With decades of legal experience, our team understands the difference between municipal, state, and federal courts and have knowledge of New York state law. We can help you understand all of your legal options.

Silverstein & Kahn is a smaller, family-owned firm. We focus on providing personal, competent legal representation to all of our clients.

We are so confident that you’ll benefit from hiring us that we provide the Silverstein & Kahn Guarantee. We guarantee that:

  • We will treat you like our family.
  • You’ll talk to an attorney every time you call our office; we won’t just use our paralegals or office staff to pass messages.
  • You’ll benefit from our no fee guarantee.

Every Google rating our firm received is five stars. We hope you’ll join our other satisfied clients.

We make it easy for you to contact us. You can reach out via live chat 24/7, call us at (631) 424-6850, email us, or request a free consultation online.