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Advantages of Working with a Lawyer After a Car Accident

Every year, many people are killed in car accidents in New York. If the victim does not die, they will suffer serious injuries that will affect their lives. If you or a member of your family is involved in a car accident, it is critical that you contact a car accident attorney.

If the other driver’s carelessness caused the accident that resulted in your injuries, you can file a car accident claim. To be compensated for all pain and suffering, including medical bills, lost wages, and loss of quality of life. But if you want a big settlement, you’ll need the help of a car accident lawyer who knows how to guide you through the process, which can be stressful and hard to understand.

After a car accident, car accident lawyers can help you in several ways:

They Will Deal With Your Insurance Company

The first step in obtaining compensation after being involved in a car accident is to notify your insurance company. Insurance companies are usually in business, and they prefer to give car accident victims the least amount of money possible, so you will have to work harder to get fair compensation.

Insurance companies have people who can change the insurance to benefit them. They work hard to make accident victims angry, and their tricks make them agree to low settlements.

The situation may improve if you have a reputable car accident lawyer on your side, as auto accident lawyers have extensive experience dealing with insurance companies. They are aware of the strategies used by insurers to provide victims of car accidents with inadequate compensation. Because of this, the lawyer will help you get a large amount of money.

The Lawyer Will Help You to Find Out if You Have a Case

Depending on the type of case, you may be unable to obtain compensation for a car accident. It is not wise to waste your money and time on a case that will not yield any results.

An auto accident attorney has the experience to evaluate your case and determine whether or not you should file a claim. The lawyer will walk you through the provisions that will help you determine whether you can file your claim and who should be responsible for filing it. It is referred to as the “statute of limitation.”

Putting in an Application of the Appropriate Laws

One of the primary reasons for hiring a personal injury attorney is to assist you in understanding the laws that govern car accident claims. The attorneys are well-versed in the various laws that may apply to your claim.

An experienced car accident attorney, for example, can assess the accident and determine whether the negligent driver violated any traffic laws. Car accident attorneys make certain that your case is filed before the statute of limitations for your car accident claim expires.

The statute of limitations is the time limit for accident victims to file a legal claim. When it expires, you will no longer be able to file an insurance claim and receive compensation.

The Attorneys Will Help You Reach an Agreement on an Appropriate Settlement.

Once you file your claim, a car accident attorney will assist you in negotiating fair compensation. The attorney will take into consideration the damages you have incurred, including

  • The medical bills you sustained.
  • Medical treatment that you may need in the future.
  • The lost wages when recovering from the injuries caused by the car crash.
  • Other income you may lose as a result of the car accident’s long-term consequences.
  • The property damage incurred as a result of the accident

Personal injury lawyers are always ready to continue negotiating for the appropriate settlement that you deserve if the insurer gives an unreasonable settlement. If this does not work, the attorney will file a lawsuit to ensure that you get what you deserve.

To Assist You in Avoiding Mistakes in Your Case

When filing a claim, there are certain statements that you should not make because they can hurt your claim. For example, the other driver’s insurance company may need you to give a written or recorded statement in your case. If you give the insurance company the wrong information, they can use it against you and get out of paying for all the damage.

An Auto Accident Attorney Can Get Experts Who Can Assist You in Testifying on Your Behalf.

It is critical to have witnesses who can give evidence on your behalf during the process of filing a personal injury lawsuit after sustaining car accident injuries in order to help you win the case. The type of witness depends on a variety of factors specific to your situation.

A reputable New York car accident lawyer can obtain medical experts to confirm the extent of your injuries and provide you with an accurate prognosis. They can also hire reconstruction experts to testify about how the car accident occurred.

Trusted Car Accident Lawyers in New York

Because the legal system can be complicated, filing a claim can be time-consuming and tedious. Hiring a personal injury attorney can ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible. The attorney will deal with insurance companies, consult with medical experts about your medical records, and file any necessary paperwork.

The car accident attorney will also gather evidence demonstrating that the injuries you sustained were caused by the motor vehicle accident and that the other driver was at fault. Photographs of the scene, surveillance footage, property damage reports, and police reports are all examples of evidence.

Experienced lawyers at Silverstein & Kahn, P.C. have helped many people in New York and the surrounding areas who were hurt in car accidents caused by careless drivers get settlements for their injuries.

If you are in a car accident, the right attorney will advise you on your legal options. Our experienced attorneys will ensure that you receive the maximum compensation to which you are entitled, allowing you and your loved one to move forward with ease. To schedule an appointment, please contact us at (631) 424-6850.


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Larry Silverstein, ESQ.

Larry Silverstein, ESQ.

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