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The Benefits of Working with a Rideshare Accident Lawyer

The financial, emotional, and physical ramifications of any car accident can be devastating, especially for those who were not at fault. It may also be more difficult to obtain compensation when an Uber or Lyft driver is at fault.

Overall, ridesharing helps to clear traffic from the roads, which reduces accidents. Huntington, on the other hand, continues to record accidents involving ridesharing.

Many of these are caused by new drivers; drivers who are tired, distracted, or not paying attention; or drivers who are in a hurry to get to their destination on time so they can get a bigger tip.

When these kinds of accidents happen, it can be hard for rideshare passengers to figure out what their legal rights are and go after the people who hurt them.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident involving a rideshare driver in Huntington, it is best to seek the advice of an experienced rideshare accident lawyer.

What to Do If You Are in a Ride-Share Accident

When you’re in a car accident, there are some steps you can take to make sure that rideshare companies give you the money you deserve and that you get the medical care you need.

Follow these easy actions in the event of a ridesharing accident:

  • Although car accidents are stressful and frightening, keep your cool and take deep breaths when they happen. You risk doing more harm to your body if you panic and begin moving before checking for injuries. Instead, stay calm and check your body for any signs of injury before moving.
  • Make an urgent call for help: If you or anyone else on the scene requires emergency medical care, dial 911 and wait for an ambulance to arrive.
  • Report the accident to the police. If you call 911, the police and first responders will arrive. If you or anyone else on the scene does not require emergency assistance, call the local non-emergency hotline to report the accident and request that cops be dispatched. If there is no recorded injury, the police may not arrive. You should, however, report it in person or online.
  • Take photos of the accident. Using your phone or a camera, photograph whatever you see at and around the accident scene. Make a note of any visible wounds you may have. If possible, record a video of your surroundings, such as road signs or traffic lights.
  • Gather information about everyone on the scene: Take down the names and phone numbers of everyone involved. Request the names and contact information of any eyewitnesses you come across and engage them in conversation about what they saw. The drivers should also exchange insurance and license information.
  • Visit a doctor as quickly as you can. It is possible to sustain injuries regardless of how good you feel. You may also have hidden symptoms because of the rush of adrenaline, which is why you should see a doctor right away.
  • Speak with a ride-sharing accident attorney. If you need advice on what to do next after a car accident, you can contact a lawyer as soon as the accident occurs or at any time afterwards.

If gathering photos and information on the scene was impossible, you can still file a claim for compensation. A rideshare accident lawyer can assist you in preparing a case in defense of your claim.

How a Rideshare Accident Lawyer Can Help

The insurance that many major rideshare companies, such as Uber and Lyft, provide to their drivers is extremely difficult to obtain. These companies will fight liability and refuse to accept responsibility for an accident because they have strong legal teams and a lot of money.

Serious car accidents frequently result in significant financial losses. Most of the time, you have to deal with these financial effects on top of the physical and mental stress of getting better.

You can handle the case without a lawyer, but the workload may be too much for you. If you haven’t decided yet whether or not to hire a ridesharing accident lawyer, here are some good reasons to do so:

  • The ability to prepare your claim for trial, if necessary.
  • Legal system knowledge and experience with accidents identical to or comparable to yours.
  • Many experts in related fields may be able to assist you in making your case.
  • Mastered the art of negotiating to reach an agreement and avoid the drawn-out and expensive trial process.

A rideshare accident lawyer will represent you throughout your case. They work with professionalism and compassion.

Your lawyer will take care of all the paperwork and talk to the insurance company on your behalf, so you can relax and focus on getting better.

Personal injury lawyers often work on contingency, which means you don’t have to pay for their services upfront. This may be the biggest benefit of hiring a lawyer for a rideshare accident.

Instead, they are paid only if your case is settled out of court or if a court-ordered award is made.

The Process of Filing a Personal Injury Claim from a Ride-Share Accident

A person who has been injured as a result of a rideshare driver’s negligent driving has the right to file a claim. And if the injuries are serious enough to file a lawsuit under New York State law, start a lawsuit against the careless, negligent rideshare driver who caused the accident.

New York’s complicated insurance and traffic accident laws may give victims of accidents some options for seeking compensation. When you factor in the complexity of rideshare businesses and their insurance coverage, you might wish to deal with a lawyer to handle your case on your behalf.

As you are already aware, New York Civil Practice Laws and Rules 214 and other deadlines apply to personal injury lawsuits. As a result, consider speaking with a rideshare lawyer at Silverstein & Kahn P.C.

We are committed to assisting Uber or Lyft accident victims in getting fair compensation for the loss suffered and have the expertise to prove it. When you work with a rideshare accident attorney from our firm, you have a winning, competent, and powerful advocate on your side.

Contact Silverstein & Kahn P.C. at (631) 424-6850 today to schedule a consultation.





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